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The advantages of water - based polishing

This paper expounds the advantages of water - based glazing.
<1> transparency, good preservation. On the printed matter, it can be kept for a long time, in the long-term strong sunlight, water is not easy to be yellow, not color.
<2> fast. Water on the drying process of the 30% is through evaporation, 70% by the material penetration absorption, dry quickly, about a few seconds to complete. When the light oil is still containing 20%~30% of water can be conjunctiva. So it does not need to use any drying method. If using infrared or hot air drying method, drying rate is faster.
<3> good wear resistance. Packaging printing products need a strong wear resistance, measured by per square centimeter 50 pressure, general can reach N50 ~ 70 unit of luminous intensity, and high-grade light can more than 80, non absorbent substrate can reach the N90. Especially in the cigarette case, at speeds up to 300 bales / minutes to 500 bags / min high-speed operation, enlarging to withstand the mechanical load greatly. To this end, the printing product is not only need to polish, but also to wear, and the water of the oil can completely meet the requirements.
<4> finish on the finished product, good resistance to roll. A headache problem in gravure printing is printed material after several color group of continuous drying, the paper sweat rate is very low, especially easy to curl, which in the cigarette case could not be used. And the application of water-borne light oil to polish the skin soft, product by cutting sheets and stamping slitting, still keep good flatness and anti roll of. This is for the future to offset gravure, especially to bronzing cigarette change provides a new way for gravure printing. Water based on the application of oil, must be based on the different light, the type of paper, product quality requirements and other factors, to achieve good results.
<5> heat sealing performance is good. In the present cigarette package widely used PP film as outer packing, water-borne light oil has good sealing performance, even with the use of celluloid, also can obtain good sealing effect.

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