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Application of water - based glazing and the problems to be noted

Composition of water - based glazing
Water - based oil is mainly composed of 3 major components: the main agent, solvent and auxiliary agent.
1 main agent
Waterborne glazing oil the main agent is the film forming resin is Polish film forming material, usually synthetic resin influence and dominate the physical properties of all kinds of deep and film coating quality, such as luster, adhesion, drying and so on.
2 auxiliary agent
Additives is to improve the physical and chemical properties and processing properties of the water. The types of additives are as follows: 1. Curing agent: improving the film forming property of the water main agent, increasing the cohesive strength of the film.
Surface active agents: reducing the surface tension of the water solvent, increasing the flow level.
The defoaming agent: foaming long-term control polishing agent, eliminate the quality defects such as pinholes, fisheye.
The desiccant: increase the drying speed of Waterborne Glazing Agent, improve the printability of paper printing products.
The adhesives: improve the adhesion ability of film material and substrate.
The wetting and dispersing agent: improve the dispersibility of the main agent, to prevent dirty and improved abrasion resistance.
The additives can break the resistance of modified plasticizer.
3 solvent
The main function of the solvent is to disperse or dissolve the synthetic resin and various additives.
The solvent of water is mainly water. Water is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, wide source, low price. The volatility of water is almost zero. Its leveling performance is very good. However, water is the solvent of water, there are also shortcomings, such as dry speed is slow, easy to cause the product size is not stable, etc.. Therefore, in the use of ethanol, to improve the drying performance of the water solvent, improve the processing suitability of water.
Four, water based on the application of oil
With the steady and rapid development of the market economy and commodity economy, people the covers of books, magazines, calendars, pictures, kit, tobacco package decoration printing more and more attention, not only printing requires a colorful picture, but also has the splendid surface gloss, the gloss is in special effects by printed material coated with varnish. In printing coating oil can not only increase the value of printing products, and can enhance ink light resistance and increase the ink of the heat and moisture ability to protect imprinting improve performance of printing products, bring considerable economic benefits for the printing factory.
Coating market is a diversified market, all kinds of books and periodicals printing, commercial printing, trademark printing and folding carton printing factory on a variety of packaging products have polishing and demand of different degree. Water based on the application of oil, must be based on the different light, the type of paper, product quality requirements and other factors, to achieve good results.
Five, the impact on the quality and its should be noted that several of the problems
The main problems affecting the quality of the paper is paper, paper type, viscosity, coating, drying conditions, etc.. 1 paper properties
Paper on the impact of quality, mainly in the paper smoothness on the impact of the quality of light. Gaoping slip paper, after polishing effect is remarkable, and low smoothness of paper or paperboard, glazing effect is poor, because the varnish is rough surface of the paper or board for almost all of the absorption. In order to solve this problem, you can go to the end of the first oil on the first floor, or on the two light.
2 paper type
Thick paper thin paper good dimensional stability, poor dimensional stability. Dimensional stability is one of the key indicators of the quality of printed matter, and it has a close relationship with the amount of water, the moisture content of the paper, the time and the way of drying, the viscosity of the paper. If the printing products in 90g / square meters below the paper, please careful use of water.
3 on viscosity and solid content
In the coating process, must be reasonable control of the viscosity and solid content. Therefore, dilution can only be carried out in a certain range of viscosity and solid content. Water on the oil of the thinner generally use of ethanol and water, the proportion of 1:1 mixed solution, the dilution of 10% - 30%, can not be too large, should be strictly controlled.

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