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Principle and application prospect of water - based glazing and UV glazing

1 oil glazing material Waterborne Glazing oil material is mainly composed of: acrylic copolymer solution, acrylic copolymer emulsion, ammonia or amine, surface active agent, fire foam agent and other additives. UV glazing oil material is mainly composed of: epoxy acrylate resin, bifunctional thinner, thinner for multiple functional groups, the combination of light triggered agent and triethanolamine light reinforcing agent and surface active agent. 2 preparation and curing mechanism 1) water - based oil. HYDRO-REZ type water solid acrylic resin USA Raute production as an example. The resin consists of 30% HYDRO-REZ, 7% of ammonia (28%), 58% of water and 5% of the ISO alcohol. The waterborne glazing oil is formulated first by synthetic resin and water (or water and alcohol and ammonia water mixture in dissolved, resin completely dissolved after ~l-12n ammonia water, adjusting the pH value to 8 to 8.5, the formation of completely transparent solution. Adding ammonia or amines to hydrolysis of monomer. Hydrolysis method mainly alcohol solution and salt method two: alcoholysis method is will have the synthesis of acrylic resin for alcoholysis, the formation water solution; salt method is most commonly used, it is mainly with acrylic acid and containing unsaturated double Jian of carboxylic acid monomer copolymerization, then add amine neutralized, the copolymer is water-soluble. Water - borne light oil is mainly through the dehydration process of the amino and carboxyl groups of the role of salt, so as to produce cross-linked, dry film, with a certain gloss, water resistance, wear resistance, etc.. 2) UV. Take the roller coated paper for example. The gloss oil by 18.4% of epoxy acrylate, TPGDA reactive diluent of 55.4% and 10% polyfunctional monomer, 10% of the tertiary amine acrylate, 5% of benzophenone and 1.2% light triggered agent are mixed and stirred to be even. UV glazing oil in painting, by ultraviolet radiation and by light initiator to produce free radicals or radical, by stimulating with bifunctional pre poly and monomer to produce a new radical chain, the new generation of radical chain to and a double bond monomer reaction, so the cycle to form cross-linked, in a very short period of time can form a layer of smooth and dense coating on the surface of the printed matter. There are three kinds of main chain growth, ring and cross-linked structure. 3 glazing process and dry environment ZK property and UV glazing can be generally used for flexo, gravure and offset printing online glazing can also be due to the polishing machine coating. UV glazing before must be fully dry printing, and remove dust, then with reactive diluent or a small amount of ethanol to adjust glazing oil viscosity, the process is as follows: feeding a clean a UV coating transmission cooling, drying and curing. Waterborne Glazing before should first consider the light oil viscosity, and adjust the amount of coating in the polishing process, the configuration of 1:1 water and ethanol or isopropanol aqueous dilution, and mixing evenly, glazing technology and UV glazing is similar. Above process, the most important is to dry the ring. For UV glazing, the main is UV drying, the wavelength of light is of 200-400nm high-pressure mercury lamp or metal halide lamp wavelength at 365nm best, 313 times, due to produce ozone, generally do not use 300 nm light. The radiation intensity of the light source is not less than cm / 80W, so as to make the light oil completely cured, otherwise it will make the film performance degradation, not wear, adhesion. For water, the dry solid. Threadfin infrared radiation and other hot air device is the main environment. Only in this way can accelerate the speed of volatile liquid, sometimes only natural drying. 4 the quality of water and UV on the quality of water will be affected by temperature, paper, ink performance and coating thickness and other factors. 5 conclusions UV glazing oil in order to get the low viscosity of the coatings, inevitably use is harmful to the human body the monomers such as diluent, bifunctional and multifunctional diluent generally to the skin with irritation and UV glazing need to use UV irradiation, will produce ozone is not beneficial for environmental protection: coupled with UV light on the human body harmful. In addition, UV glazing cost relatively to much higher than the water, coupled with the fierce competition in the Polish market, in the industry competing price cuts will only lead to update equipment and the development of new UV glazing materials to enhance the quality. In the United States, 12000 to turn the UV glazing equipment has long been applied, there are more safe, tasteless and harmless, but in the domestic price competition, UV glazing is difficult to break through the current situation and the world synchronization. Waterborne glazing oil under the application of varnishing line, the cost must be lower than the UV glazing, and Waterborne Glazing equipment without UV drying, saving the cost of human resource and work space, link in high-speed printing, drying speed, shorten the total operation time, the goods faster, a relative increase of the trust of customers and market competitiveness. Waterborne glazing the glazing technology in surface treatment, such as dusting a ring is reduced to the lowest level, dusting pollution is reduced, and the use of the waste can be produced in the process of the biological decomposition of recovery and utilization, the natural environment will not cause pollution. On the light liquid contains no volatile organic substances, for light work will not affect the health of people, can protect the work safety, in line with the requirements of environmental protection. The lack of water is the main problem of the film is not as good as UV wear resistance to light oil. The main reason is due to the curing and UV glazing, and three-dimensional network structure compared to the larger shortcomings, resulting in the lack of film resistance layer, can consider to solve from the agent's point of view. Along with the social progress trend of view, environmental protection

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