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Common problems and solutions in the process of printing and printing

One, the color is too deep 1 phenomenon: the color of the printed matter is different from that of the original. 2 reasons: (1) ink viscosity. (2) the number of roller line is low, a large quantity of ink storage. (3) high color, high color saturation. (4) plate (mesh) problem. (5) the selection of the substrate is not adapted to. (6) the printing shop is not constant temperature and humidity, influence the use of ink. 3 solutions: (1) a reasonable addition of thinner, lower viscosity. The addition of diluent can not only affect the ink viscosity, but also affect the color density of printed matter. (2) reasonable replacement or increase the number of roller line. (3) adding diluent. (4) according to the different substrate, generally to increase or reduce the calibration values of the network. (5) when the substrate and the actual production is not the same. The substrate surface is smooth, there is no pit, ink can not be absorbed, the ink layer on the surface is thick. The relative density of the reflection is large, the color is deep. (6) to maintain constant temperature and humidity, ensure viscosity. Two, striped or spotted 1 phenomena: on the material volume, there is no hope of light or dark spots. 2 reasons: (1) local anilox roller ink. (2) the printing plate is not flat, the ink is not uniform. (3) during the printing process, a bubble is formed; ink is splashed onto the printed material. (4) ink is too thin. (5) ink viscosity difference. (6) uneven substrate. (7) the imprinting roller is injured or sticky dirt. 3 solutions: (1) cleaning roller or Chamo ink quantity, such as the use of insufficient please add enough. (2) check the printing plate, the ink from the ink to the ink for inspection. (3) in the ink of the anti foaming agent. (4) check the ink cover, the ink pipe joint, ink tank, ink to prevent excessive flow and leakage. (5) add a new ink. (6) the increase in viscosity, change the thickness uniformity of substrate. (7) check the embossing roller, replace, remove dirt. Three, ink is too weak or too thin too light 1 phenomenon: ink color intensity is too low. Ink color saturation is not enough, lack of density. 2 reasons: (1) solvent used too much or viscosity is too low, the impact of the ability to drive the pigment. (2) anilox roller wear or not clean, there is blockage. (3) the ink mixing is not uniform, the coloring power is not enough, the pigment is dispersed. (4) the soft plate is not appropriate, select the number of roller line is too high, the amount of ink is not enough. (5) ink roll adjustment is not appropriate, printing press is too small. (6) in the transfer process of ink, ink rollers improper use. (7) in the water ink, volatile compounds exceed the standard, the ink layer is thin. (8) the printing properties of the substrate. (9) too much ink dilution agent. (10) ink viscosity is too high lead to poor transfer. 3 solution: (1) add new ink and adjust to the appropriate viscosity. (2) with new or re carved roller instead of old roll. (3) added to the ink fountain before stir in removed from the barrels of ink. (4) replacement of the right. (5) to reduce the number of Plinthitic line, adjust the rollers, make too much ink attached on the net roller printing pressure increases. (6) and the replacement of the ink rollers with printed materials (using low hardness). (7) more than 3% volatile compounds. (8) according to the requirements of the printed matter. Select the strong ink absorption of paper, printing ink layer on the surface of the surface of the paper is thinner, so the reflection density is low, the color is lighter. Is generally believed that the flat printing ink layer thickness for 1-2 um, flexo printing ink layer thickness for 2-5 m, gravure printing ink layer thickness of 10 m, which can meet the requirements of the printing. (9) re - transfer ink. (10) reasonable regulation of ink viscosity. Four, the printing process of the contour is not clear 1 phenomenon: the pattern edge blur. 2 reason; (1) printing pressure is too large. (2) ink viscosity is too low. (3) printing plate quality. (4) the main color ink contains other color ink. (5) printing plate ink drying too fast. (6) the speed of the machine is too low. 3 solution: (1) use appropriate pressure and correct double side adhesive tape. (2) increasing the viscosity of ink. (3) re - plate. (4) with the new ink instead. (5) reasonable adjustment. (6) to maintain constant temperature and humidity, improve the speed of the machine.

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