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UV light oil has a good prospect in the field of printing industry.

UV light oil is a paper surface polishing products, low odor, curing speed, high strength, strong adhesion, flexible, strong friction resistance, widely used in books, calendars, packaging, calendar, and so on.
UV light oil is non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, no static, simple process, no need to light after the light can be completed once. On the solid, no foam, inhibit the new, small, easy to use. UV light oil storage to stay away from the sun, to avoid direct sunlight, the general can save half a year.
The appearance and use of UV light oil mark the development trend of environmental protection printing industry. With the development of the times. The development of the field of printing the development of basic environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction to contribute to the development of.
With the gradual expansion of the coatings market, more and more people in order to be able to grasp the market, improve the coating, at present, UV light oil development has entered the good prospects, from the angle of the market, the UV light oil can be a good anti scratching wearproof, but from the light above the brightness, he also slightly lack of, especially smooth, it is difficult to achieve, so its competitive advantage in the market now only from the brightness, smoothness, who first received the opportunity, who will be able to get more things.

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